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Legal assistance with LLC formation, contracts, public benefit corporations, operating agreements; registering trademarks and copyrights; drafting privacy policies, terms of use.

Building Business Potential

legal services for startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses

Building Business Potential

Building Business Potential

legal services for startups, entrepreneurs, and small businesses

A Purpose-Driven Law Firm for Creative & Social Entrepreneurs

As public benefit LLC, we understand the unique challenges faced by social entrepreneurs & others using business as a force for good. We tailor our legal services specifically towards these entrepreneurs and their businesses, whether new or established, in order to provide the solutions that they need.

Assisting Startups and Established Businesses

Whether you have a new or established business, we are here to help you realize your goals - from choice-of-entity counseling and formation, to drafting or revising ownership agreements, to protecting intellectual property and implementing privacy, data-security or other company policies. We've got you covered.

Let PLF Help You Reach Your Full Potential.

Providing legal advice and assistance for modern entrepreneurs and business owners of all types throughout Colorado, we offer fixed-fee services and accept alternative fee arrangements to provide effective and efficient solutions that stay within our clients' budgets.

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Nov. 8, 2019

LLC Talk: Single-Member LLCs - Asset Protection

 A limited liability company (LLC) is supposed to protect your personal assets from the liabilities of your business. That’s why it’s called a limited liability company. But, for various reasons, some have thought that a single-member LLC (SMLLC) does not actually provide asset protection for its owner (member).This article discusses the issue of whether a SMLLC protects the personal assets of its member. The short answer is that Colorado courts understand that a primary reason for creating a separate business entity is to obtain liability protection and, accordingly, a SMLLC can protect personal assets from liability. But the longer…

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Oct. 24, 2019

LLC Talk: Management Structure - Member or Manager Managed?

 When filing Articles of Organization with the Colorado Secretary of State to form a limited liability company (LLC), in the midst of providing various addresses, you are asked whether you would like to form your LLC as 'member managed' or 'manager managed.' This organizational choice is much more complex than it appears at first and deserves careful consideration. In my experience, when a single individual or even a few people form an LLC without the assistance of experienced counsel, their LLC is typically created as a member-managed LLC. I imagine the thought process is something like this: “If the members are going to be making…

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Sept. 12, 2019

Denver Startup Week (2019): Where to Find Pote Law Firm

 Denver Startup Week is just around the corner! This 'celebration of everything entrepreneurial' is a FREE FIVE DAY event in Denver! And it is the largest free event of its kind in the world. This year the event takes place between September 16th and 20th. There will be tons of people descending on downtown Denver - from seasoned entrepreneurs, to those who launched their own unicorn startups, to others with their own successes in business and life! Are you ready? Have you planned your schedule? (Are you registered? This will be my first time attending DSW and I'm very excited to join!. There are so many great…

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