Oct. '20

Rocking the Vote with Twiggs & Co.

Oct. 11th, 2020 • by Jeffrey Pote


Pote Law Firm has joined forces with a fellow Good Business Colorado member in order to help make sure everyone has the chance to make their voice heard in the upcoming election. Please join us in Rocking the Vote with Twiggs & Co.! Our group of volunteers will be on the Auraria Campus in downtown Denver outside of Tivoli Student Union engaging with students and campus visitors to encourage them check their voter registration status if they have yet to receive their ballot, to raise awareness about the November election, and to provide them with information and resources like www.GoVoteColorado.com. Colorado keeps voting both secure and accessible. We want to make sure everyone understands their voting rights and how to exercise them so that they can make their voices heard in November and beyond. Are you available either this Thursday (Oct. 15th) or next Tuesday (Oct. 20th) between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m.? It is free to sign up! And we'll make sure you know what you need to know to help others. For example, if you register online before Oct. 26th, you still have time to receive a ballot by mail. But even on election day, you can register…


Aug. '20

Best for Colorado Community Award Recipient

Aug. 11th, 2020 • by Jeffrey Pote


We are excited - and humbled - to announce that Pote Law Firm has been selected as the recipient of the Best for Colorado "Measure What Matters" Award in the Community Category. This Best for Colorado Award is chosen based on our score on the rigorous B Impact Assessment. We are one of the top scoring Colorado companies with the top score in the community category for our organizing, participating in, and getting others involved with various service projects - as well as for our commitment to providing pro-bono legal services and financial support for various nonprofit organizations. We know that there are many wonderful businesses in Colorado because we work and collaborate with them. Colorado in particular has a vibrant B corp community and its members are socially and environmentally responsible and committed to considering their triple bottom line. It is such an honor to be selected out of all of these wonderful companies! Other Best for Colorado award recipients…


Jul. '20

Good Business Colorado Days of Service

Jul. 29th, 2020 • by Jeffrey Pote


Many Coloradans are having to make hard choices between food, rent, and other basics. For this reason, Good Business Colorado in partnership with Twiggs & Co., The Logos Group, Bondadosa, and Pote Law Firm organized two days of service this July to help address the critical need that nonprofit organizations, particularly those in the food recovery and distribution space, have at this time. Good Business Colorado is a grassroots organization that helps give a voice to values-driven businesses by advocating in collaboration with its members for a prosperous economy, equitable communities, and a sustainable environment - and its members are businesses who are generally committed to the triple-bottom line of people, planet, and prosperity. In these challenging times, the nonprofits who help support our community are experiencing an increased demand at the same time that funding and volunteer support has become harder to come by. But Good Business Colorado and its members are stepping up to help


Jul. '20

Pote Law Firm is Sponsoring Cottonwood Institute's Move-A-Thon

Jul. 23rd, 2020 • by Jeffrey Pote


This year Pote Law Firm is raising critical funding for Cottonwood Institute and its students by sponsoring their Move-A-Thon! Cottonwood Institute is a wonderful organization whose mission is to get traditionally underserved children out into nature to teach them to be environmentally aware and to empower them to become youth leaders who give back to our community and ignite change. These challenging times have been particularly so for nonprofit organizations, much like they have been for small and medium sized businesses. Neither has been a top priority when it comes to federal assistance. But our nonprofits are necessary to address critical needs in our communities that for-profit businesses alone cannot adequately serve. Cottonwood Institute has already had to pivot this summer away from two of their more important fundraisers -- Beats on the Creek and The Throwdown at Union Station -- on the basis of concerns about health and safety. The Move-A-Thon is the replacement for both of…


Jun. '20

Best for Colorado Award Nomination and Volunteer Service Projects

Jun. 30th, 2020 • by Jeffrey Pote


It's been a busy start to summer for Pote Law Firm and we are excited to share that we have been nominated by Best for Colorado for a “Measure What Matters” Award! Nominees for this award are chosen based on their score on the B Impact Assessment and we are honored to be considered as one of the top scoring Colorado companies! The awards ceremony will be held virtually this year on August 12th, from 4 – 5:30 p.m. We know that there are many wonderful businesses in Colorado that are socially and environmentally responsible and committed to considering their triple bottom line and operating in a sustainable manner. It is truly humbling to be considered in the same class as these incredible businesses! Day to day, we simply try to remain focused on making whatever impact we can, both locally and beyond. And we are proud to be a member of Best for Colorado that has made the 2020 Commitment to Action. If you have not yet made your Commitment to Action, there is still time! The…


Mar. '20

March is B Corp Month: Celebrating Business as a Force for Good

Mar. 12th, 2020 • by Jeffrey Pote


This March, Pote Law Firm is excited to celebrate B Corp Month! March is a month dedicated to educating the public about and promoting certified B corps and other businesses that operate as a force for good. At Pote Law Firm, educating the public about benefit businesses is just one of the missions we pursue year round! So it is great to have others - both businesses and individuals - join us in this mission for the month of March. As a public benefit law firm, we are committed to pursuing the triple bottom line to help people and planet, while still making a profit. Last February was a big month for us with more sustainability efforts and service projects. Below are a few highlights of those efforts. Next Steps to Sustainability took another step in February. Businesses and sustainability experts from around Colorado met again to discuss sustainability from a business perspective and to attempt to discover new ways to collaborate with others in the sustainability field and using business to do good by doing well. It was…


Jan. '20

Next Steps to Sustainability: Building in Profit with People and Planet

Jan. 14th, 2020 • by Jeffrey Pote


Entrepreneurs and business leaders are paying more attention to sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) than ever before. At this point, those in the C-suite of even some of the largest and most powerful corporations have to take CSR and sustainability seriously. As reported by NPR last fall, "More than 90% of the largest 250 U.S. companies produce an annual corporate social responsibility report. They spend billions and billions on social initiatives every year. They donate their products. They sell "fair trade" coffee and "conflict free" jewels. They cut their use of fossil fuels. They have whole arms of their organizations dedicated to charitable work." But for many businesses - particularly conventional for-profit corporations - this is not pure benevolence, but (at least in part) an understanding that attention to CSR and sustainability ultimately improves their business's ability to thrive and prosper. Socially responsible businesses can focus on people and planet and still turn a healthy profit


Jan. '20

New Year's Anniversary: Building a Better Decade

Jan. 2nd, 2020 • by Jeffrey Pote


A very Happy New Year from Pote Law Firm! The business community can be an incredibly positive force both locally here in Denver and more globally, and there are so many ways to create value in the world. At Pote Law Firm, we've resolved to be an even greater force for good in the coming year! Stay tuned in the weeks and months to come for more about our commitments and activities. What are your goals and resolutions for 2020? In any of the ways you're trying to improve, we wish you the best! And if we can help, please Reach out Today! We've also just celebrated our first anniversary last week! A very special thanks to all of our clients from the previous year. We appreciate you so much and we hope to continue working with more creative and social Colorado entrepreneurs in 2020. It's our mission to help you build a better businesses, and we're optimistic about the coming year and all we hope to accomplish! Cheers to a fantastic…


Nov. '19

Environmental Efforts: America Recycles Day

Nov. 19th, 2019 • by Jeffrey Pote


When you think about law firms, you probably don't associate them with environmental protection or preservation. But on the heels of America Recycles Day, I wanted to share some of the efforts that we're making at Pote Law Firm to promote recycling and to help clean up our environment - locally and globally. Last Friday was America Recycles Day and, in recognition of the occasion, I joined the tremendous volunteers of Auraria Sustainable Campus Program as a part of their Cherry Creek Cleanup 2.0. We spent the morning cleaning up part of the Cherry Creek Trail in downtown Denver and gathered nearly 200 lbs of trash in the process - collecting everything from e-scooters that had been tossed into the creek, to discarded clothing, to more cigarette butts than you can imagine. (If you're gonna smoke, please hang onto your butts!) >Unfortunately, nearly all of the trash collected will end up in the landfill. Most of it is too heavily soiled…


Sep. '19

Denver Startup Week (2019): Denver Startup Week (2019)

Sept. 12th, 2019 • by Jeffrey Pote


Denver Startup Week is just around the corner! This "celebration of everything entrepreneurial" is a FREE FIVE DAY event in Denver! And it is the largest free event of its kind in the world. This year the event takes place between September 16th and 20th. There will be tons of people descending on downtown Denver - from seasoned entrepreneurs, to those who launched their own unicorn startups, to others with their own successes in business and life! Are you ready? Have you planned your schedule? (Are you registered? This will be my first time attending DSW and I'm very excited to join!. There are so many great sessions and events happening all over downtown Denver that it is extremely difficult to narrow things down to a manageable schedule. But there would actually have to be several of me in some cases to be able to join all of the sessions that I really want to see. Did you have a hard time finalizing a schedule…


Aug. '19

August Update: Building a Better Environment

Aug. 29th, 2019 • by Jeffrey Pote


This August was a busy month for Pote Law Firm, but there was still time to take a few important, mission-oriented steps that I wanted to share so that others might also be inspired towards similar commitments. First, at the beginning of the month, Pote Law Firm became a proud partner of 1% for the Planet. 1% for the Planet is a nonprofit organization established by Yvon Chouinard, founder of Patagonia, and Craig Mathews, founder of Blue Ribbon Flies, in order to help fund diverse environmental organizations - each with their own mission(s) related to the protection of our planet and preservation of our environment. As a 1% for the Planet partner, Pote Law Firm has pledged to donate at least 1% of our gross revenue to nonprofit and other organizations that are approved by 1% for the Planet. In this way, we aspire to be 1% better for the planet that we all share and, in doing so, we have taken an important first step towards fulfilling our own commitment to…


Apr. '19

Colorado Symphony Ball: An Evening of Gatsby and Giving

Apr. 7th, 2019 • by Jeffrey Pote


Last night I was fortunate to join my lovely wife last night at the Fillmore Auditorium in support of the Colorado Symphony. It was a great opportunity to meet other individuals who are passionate about music and the arts more generally, all while raising money for such a worthy cause. (To be sure, they put on a top notch performance that made it clear why they are so deserving of our support - as did the Originators!) The arts play such an important role in enriching our lives. So essential to human expression, yet not a basic necessity. Still, they are not a luxury. They are vital to our existence, elevating life beyond mere survival and the mundane. It was truly fantastic to see so many generous people out supporting such an important part of the music landscape here in Colorado and beyond. A fantastic night was had all around! Mark your calendars: in 2020, the Colorado Symphony Ball will take place on April 25th. Hope to see many of the same faces next year. Get…


Dec. '18

Open for Business: Serving Colorado's Startups, Entrepreneurs and Businesses

Dec. 27th, 2018 • by Jeffrey Pote


Just in time for the New Year, Pote Law Firm is pleased to announce that it is open for business. If you are an entrepreneur or startup or other small business owner in Colorado, you now have another option available for your legal services. PLF provides transactional legal services for Colorado's entrepreneurs, startups, and others in the business community, and works with clients to provide solutions that fit within budgets while helping business grow to their full potential. What's your New Year's resolution? To learn more about PLF's legal services, click here. If you are ready to get started, Reach out, Today!

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