Colorado Symphony Ball: An Evening of Gatsby and Giving

Apr. 7, 2019 • by Jeffrey Pote


Fortunate to join my lovely wife last night at the Fillmore Auditorium in support of the Colorado Symphony. It was a great opportunity to meet other individuals who are passionate about music and the arts more generally, all while raising money for such a worthy cause. (To be sure, they put on a top notch performance that made it clear why they are so deserving of our support - as did the Originators!)

The arts play such an important role in enriching our lives. So essential to human expression, yet not a basic necessity. Still, they are not a luxury. They are vital to our existence, elevating life beyond mere survival and the mundane.

A black smartphone displaying the dictionary result for the word 'design' indicating that it's a noun and the definition starts 'a plan or drawing...'.

It was truly fantastic to see so many generous people out supporting such an important part of the music landscape here in Colorado and beyond. A fantastic night was had all around!

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Mark your calendars: in 2020, the Colorado Symphony Ball will take place on April 25th. Hope to see many of the same faces next year. Get your bidding paddles - and dancing shoes - ready!

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