Jul. 23, 2020 • by Jeffrey Pote


This year Pote Law Firm is raising critical funding for Cottonwood Institute and its students by sponsoring their Move-A-Thon! Cottonwood Institute is a wonderful organization whose mission is to get traditionally underserved children out into nature to teach them to be environmentally aware and to empower them to become youth leaders who give back to our community and ignite change.

These challenging times have been particularly so for nonprofit organizations, much like they have been for small and medium sized businesses. Neither has been a top priority when it comes to federal assistance. But our nonprofits are necessary to address critical needs in our communities that for-profit businesses alone cannot adequately serve.

Cottonwood Institute has already had to pivot this summer away from two of their more important fundraisers -- Beats on the Creek and The Throwdown at Union Station -- on the basis of concerns about health and safety. The Move-A-Thon is the replacement for both of those fundraisers, which makes it doubly important for helping Cottonwood Institute fulfill its phenomenal mission.

In order to do all we can to support Cottonwood Institute during these times, we are using our sponsorship to match donations up to our sponsorship level of $1,000. Please pitch in whatever you can! Together we can help provide the support that Cottonwood Institute and its students need in these difficult economic times.

Cottonwood's First Annual Move-A-Thon logo with sea form green at the top, shades of yellow in the middle, a strip of rusty red, and a brown bottom.

You can make a donation to this truly worthy cause, or find out more about the organization, here: http://coloradogives.org/potelawfirm.

Hiking Ice Lakes Trail in the San Juan mountains near Silverton, Colorado on a beautiful summer day.

All children should be able to experience the beauty and wonder of nature and learn about their natural environment. Please help the children that Cottonwood Institute supports and empowers!

We remain committed to doing what we can to share prosperity while reimaging a sustainable economy for Colorado and beyond. If you would like to join us, the good news is that there will be more opportunities coming in the months ahead.

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We're proud to operate as a sustainable and public-benefit business, and we're happy to help others do the same! And if you are looking for ways to create impact, please Reach out, Today!

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